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Apply For Pre-Qualified Credit Card with only few Clicks

Apply For Pre-Qualified Credit Card with only few Clicks

Apply For Pre-Qualified Credit Card with only few Clicks




Savings Deposits

Savings Deposits are a perfect deposit scheme for you if your major purpose is saving money with the option of withdrawing it occasionally as per your necessity. This deposit scheme offers you the security of keeping your money in the safe custody of the bank and attracting interest for it as well. You may withdraw the money as per your need. You can open an account individually or jointly or as an organization. A Savings Account Deposits can even be opened for a minor or an illiterate person. And we heartily welcome visually impaired customers to open their Savings Accounts with us with the promise of providing each and every facility offered to any other customer like cheque book, ATM card etc.



Current Accounts are advisable for those who are in business, run shops, organizations, establishments etc or/and are in frequent need of monetary transactions. Here you have the privilege of safe-keeping of your valued money, with the option of withdrawing money as and when needed – even a multiple number of times. The only condition being that, you maintain the required balance or a pre-agreed amount in your account. Current Accounts may be opened jointly or as an organization, except for illiterate persons or minors. This account facility is ideal for organizations or groups which are into active business or regular activities.



If you want to incur a healthy interest on your deposit and want to use your deposit account as your income generation asset, then we have a wide variety of Term Deposit schemes available for you. Here you have the luxury of choosing from Recurring Deposits, Double Benefit Deposits, Short Time Deposits, Fixed Deposits, Cash Certificates, Monthly Income Certificate, Quarterly Income Certificate etc. You just have to choose the one that is most convenient for you. Here your deposit would attract a good interest within the said period. Term deposits may be opened individually and jointly as well. Like the Savings Deposits, here too there are facilities for opening an account for an illiterate person or a visually impaired person. Another special facility that you can avail as a Term Deposit Account holder is the possibility of getting advances against your deposits through a loan or overdraft facility.


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