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Farm and Farm Allied activities.

Eligibility :

Co-operative Society ,member of PACS, Nominal member of the Bank.

Purpose :

  • Cultivation of crop.
  • Minor irrigation
  • Farm mechanization
  • Betelvine
  • Floriculture
  • Animal husbandry
  • Pisciculture/sericulture/Horticulture/Plantation/ Social Foresty/ Agri Hub etc.
  • Any sponsored scheme.

Rate of interest :

As may be decided by the Bank from time to time. For crop loan the lending rate Bank to Society is 5% and Society to Farmers is 7% in other cases bank may decide the rate of interest from time to time.

Repayment :

The loan shall be repayable within 7 years with maximum one year grace period from the date of 1st drawal as per fixation of NABARD/ WBSC Bank from time to time. Fro crop loan it is fixed for 1 year subject to following the crop loan rule framed by the State Govt.

Agricultural Loan :

If you are doing agricultural activities & want to avail financial support, we are here at your door to assist you with a variety of agricultural loan product in a hassle free manner. In this sector we are also providing finance for floriculture, picsiculture, horticulture, animal husbandary, sericulture or any other government sponsored scheme. You can get loan for purchasing machineries like tractor, powertiller etc. to support agriculture.

As a member of our affiliated PACS or a direct member of the Bank you may approach to the Bank for loan in a lucrative rate of interest as fixed by the Bank.

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