Eligibility :

  • ECCS must be formed by the Staff/Employees of Govt./Govt. undertaking Organization along with Co-operative Institution, local self-Govt. Institution/Statutory Bodies etc.
  • The ECCS must be affiliated by the Bank with up-to-date Audit Report.

Purpose :

  • House Building or House Repairing.
  • Purchase of Land & Building.
  • Expenses of Higher Education/Medical Expenses/Marriage Expenses.
  • Liquidation of Small debt/Consumption expenses.

Maximum amount of Loan :

In case of Home Loan the maximum amount of loan will be 90% of the project cost with some terms and conditions and other cases Bank may decide the loan amount on the basis of its Rules and Regulations.

Share :

3.33% of loan amount in society and Bank level shall be deposited as share.

Interest :

The interested may be decided by the Bank from time to time

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