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To fulfill your dream to become an owner of dwelling house, we have a commitment to extent our hand as far as possible. In this regard we are providing loan for construction of dwelling house or purchase of ready built house/flat etc.

Eligibility :

Member of affiliated ECCS/PACS and permanent employees working in State Govt./Central Govt. offices. State/Central Govt. /undertaking Govt. /Govt. aided school/Madrasha/Primary School/Govt. Aided libraries/Colleges/Employes of local Self-Govt. Institution/Statutory Bodies eligible to become nominal member of the Bank.

Reputed professional/business person (minimum yearly gross/total income Rs. 6-00 lakh as per last year I.T. Return.)

Purpose :

  • Construction of dwelling House.
  • Purchase of yearly built House /Flat.

Maximum amount of Loan :

  • For salaried person, the maximum amount would be 90% of the project cost on the basis of certain Rules & Regulations.
  • In case of professional/business man the maximum loan amount would be 75% of the project cost on the basis of certain Rules & regulations.

Processing Fee :

There are certain processing fees decided by the Bank authority time to time.

Repayment Period :

The maximum period of repayment is 20 years but should not be beyond 60 years for salaried persons and 70 years for professional/ businessmen.

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